Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Reputation is everything right?

Well I guess it depends what you WANT...

At least in the World of Warcraft. Increased reputation brings rewards. Weapons, Trinkets, Rings, Recipes for professions, and other less-corporeal forms like just wanting to be Exalted with EVERYBODY. Everybody possible anyway, sometimes it's just NOT possible. I mean you have to choose between Scryer or Aldor, Bloodsail or Booty Bay, Magram or Gelkis, and of course Alliance or Horde. The only way to get around this is by having an Alt have a different rep affiliation than you. And well really... that just isn't the same and probably doesn't COUNT.

Anyway lets take a quick look at my rep sheet. I am very happily almost exalted with EVERY Alliance force. Those dang Gnomeragan rep points are hard to get. 1,303 points away from Alliance Exaltation!

Now I DO have a plan, which is helped by Alterac Valley and the current Lunar Festival. I get 75 alliance points from every ancestor I get a coin from - so 18 more coins and I'm exalted. That takes a lot of time though, so I get rep in Alterac Valley. Alterac Valley for Gnome rep? How can this be?? Well remember all those quests that you USED to do in AV but now you don't because they are kind of pointless? Well... other than the polished armor buffs - I think it would be pretty difficult to summon the druid and the flight masters quests and catching goats just takes too long. BUT, if the other team is determined to Turtle (which most of the time they are these days - at least in my Battlegroup) why NOT turn in the armor scraps, medallions and (my favorite) globes to the quest acceptors in between waves. Why? REP POINTS!!! First off, you can get all the way to Exalted with the Stormpike Guard fairly easily, AND it gives you quite a bit of Ironforge rep as well. Once Stormpike and IF are maxed out, it tells you how much rep you are getting from the other Allied forces you haven't maxed yet. Currently for turning in 5 globes I get +19 rep with Gnomeragan exiles. Not bad. However. If you are playing AV for Honor - follow the tried and true method of following the masses and win - you'll probably get more honor. BUT, when the other team is turtling - might as well get some rep along with those 95 kills for the game right? Right! Mixing the coin rep with the AV should get me there pretty quick. Unfortunately I'm also trying to farm Consortium rep, Cenarion Expedition rep, Netherwing, and heck, let's throw Ogri'la and Kurenai in there too! Too much rep! It's CRAZY I tell ya!

For more info on rep, Nasirah over at "A Tale of Two Druids" has been posting some AWESOME rundowns of how to increase your rep with various factions. Lower City, Sporeggar, Kurenai/Mag'har, Cenarion Expedition and more - it's awesome! The rest of the blog is a nice read as well, focused mostly on Balance and Resto Druids. I highly recommend it!


Nasirah said...

Thanks for the link. I made a few common rep mistakes with my main, and am now being very meticulous with how I do things for my alt. Figured since I was doing all the research anyway I might as well share!

Tigersoul said...

Yeah... my biggest mistake is probably the most common - Cenarion Expedition. Now that Earthwarden is still so FAR away for me... :(

Thanks for your guides though - I like them a lot!