Friday, February 8, 2008

Enter The Druid Army!

Moonsoul has spent entirely too long at level 4. Why? Because he spent almost an hour running around for the new guild "The Druid Army!"

The Guild Charter was purchased, 10 signatures received (begging, payoffs and threats do wonders!), Charter turned in.

Hooray, The Druid Army is born!

Now to send Moon some more money to design a very Nature-y Tabard and begin seriously leveling to really experience the Awesomeness that are Druids of Balance and Restoration. I'm looking forward to Moonkin and Tree form!

In the course of getting the 10 signatures, I made a few new friends, and was again amazed by the willingness of my Angels of Wrath Guild members to help me out in my eccentricities. Amazingly, 8 of the ten original signatures for the charter were from Druids. 5 of them were AoW Guildies, 3 were random lowbie druids, and 2 Hunters. Wait a minute!! Who let those hunters in?!?! They both left (Thanks for signing the Charter!), and so did a few of the other druids who were just being nice (wouldn't even accept 'bribes' from me). So now the Druid Army consists of 5 or 6 druids... most of which will probably never be played.

Treesoul spent a lot less time leveling. She is ALMOST level 2, and we were able to get her into the guild, and she was able to help a couple of brand new people get used to the perils of Teldrassil. Tree is a VERY helpful and patient druid! I'm very proud of her.

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