Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heroic Tanking

To date - I have been in 1 Heroic instance (Ramps) as DPS and occasional OT. 15 gold in repairs later and the PUG disbanded not very nicely.

Almost every day I receive at least one Whisper from a random person, "Do you want to tank Heroic *insert instance here*?" Most of the time I get these as I'm doing Dailies, helping a guildie with something, or MOST often; about to log off.

Occasionally though, one will catch me when I'm not doing anything important. And almost always, I decline.

WHY? I want to run Heroics, I currently have no Heroic Badges so I can't improve my gear that way or improve my Profession with Primal Nethers. (LW 371 currently) I'm also a Rep-Whore and LOVE getting closer to exalted in any Faction (I joked in /guild last night that I was going to get exalted with the Magram Centaur in Desolace...) - and I need the rep from the Heroics to advance in standing with Lower City, Cenarion Expedition, etc. (I want that Earthwarden!)

So why do I decline? PART of it is I'm a bit worried about working with a PUG and everything that goes with that. Mostly - I worry my gear isn't good enough. The thing is, as long as there is a decent healer, I should be fine in many of the heroics, I think.

Here is a quick list of my tanking gear - which you can't normally see on the Armory because I am almost ALWAYS in DPS/PVP gear when I log off.
Head - Stylin' Purple Hat (Probably replacing with s2 or s3 in the next few weeks)
Neck - Necklace of the Deep
Shoulders - Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders
Back - Cloak of the Valiant Defender
Chest - Heavy Clefthoof Vest (Might switch to my Gladiator's Dragonhide Tunic... slightly less armor but...)
Wrists - Vindicator's Dragonhide Bracers
Hands - Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves
Waist - Manimal's Cinch
Legs - Heavy Clefthoof Leggings
Feet - Vindicator's Dragonhide Boots
Rings - Delicate Eternium Ring, Ogre Slayer's Band
Trinkets - Stormpike Insignia Rank 6, Ancient Draenei War Talisman (wow need to improve these!)
Weapon - Braxxis' Staff of Slumber (someday... Earthwarden)

After MOTW (so basically self buffed) I end up with just under 22k armor, 12.8k Health, just over 29% dodge and am uncritable due to Resilience. What do you think - is this Heroic Instance Tankable gear?? I could use some help here I think. :)

In the end I think it just comes down to Instance experience. I'm lacking - I need it. I think that's my biggest problem.

HA in other silly "stroking my huge ego" news...over at Gankbang I'm FOURTH in Alliance Dragonmaw Feral Druids in Health, and in the top ten for Stamina I think, and something like 31st in Attack power. What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing because all of this info changes all the time, and other than pulling from the Armory, I have no idea how they get all the info - but it's kind of fun to see anyway. :p


Ethlite said...

Yes, I am at a similar place. Basically I've done all the non-heroic pre-kara instances. But I'll never get an invite to kara, despite being attuned for months, because I am not fully decked out in epics (only have 3 pieces, not counting rings) -

The problem is where to go from here. The obvious one is heroic instances, but people running these have quite an attitude from what I've seen. Now I have successfully tanked heroic Sethekk back in my feral days (required for epic flight form) and I've healed heroic Mechanar to completion since I respec-ed to Resto. But people would always inspect my gears and blame me for anything that goes wrong. Just last week I was healing heroic Sethekk, and I died twice because the tank couldn't hold aggro (note I said *I* died, the group didn't wipe, I had the tank well HOT-ed up). Now I've always understood that if the healer gets killed while tank is full health, it's the tank's fault for not holding aggro (and vice versa, if tank gets killed while healer is not OOM, it's the healer's fault). Yet because the tank had more epics than me, I was the one asked to leave.

Apart from heroic instances, the only other alternative is to grind BG honor. So that's what I am doing, and the dailies for gold, but that's really quite boring now.

Tigersoul said...

Yeah doing the same dailies over and over again has been very painful. I still need to go into Heroic Sethekk and get my epic flight form - that's where I am on that quest.

If I can help let me know, ok? And maybe you can come to Kara with us, IF we ever get there! ^^