Friday, February 8, 2008

Blog Azeroth: Druid Challenge

Thanks to Bellwether at 4Haelz for the suggested challenge... it only took me two weeks to get it done...


Hypothetical situation: Blizzard has introduced a new underwater zone to WoW. Due to this, they start giving all classes underwater abilities. The druid seal form is now utilized for more than simple travel.

Your goal: Design abilities for the seal form! Is the seal a healer? Magical dps? Physical dps? Tank? Utility? CC? Something entirely new?

Accepting the thrown Gauntlet:

Of course the only thing that could even be remotely possible here is the
Tiger Shark! (Bull shark for Tauren) Get rid of that silly seal form, for it pales in comparison to this mighty beast of the sea!!

Heck, they even have the models in the game already!! (Night Elves get the sleeker Shark, and the Tauren get something like the Hammerhead model (See - MUCH cooler than that silly seal))

Sharks instill fear into the hearts of all who dare tread in shark-infested waters! Being such scary creature makes them a powerful DPS/CC mix.

Shark Form - Shapeshift into aquatic form, increasing melee attack power by 40 plus Agility, increasing swim speed by 50% and allowing the druid to breathe underwater. Also protects the caster from Polymorph effects and allows the use of various cat abilities.

Blood Frenzy
- Upon critical strike a 50% chance to increase attack power by 150% for 5 seconds, once every 15 seconds. (Talent investment to get this or improve it)

Tailfin Swipe - A quick spin whacking the enemy with a powerful swipe of the tail stunning the target for 4 sec. and causing 150% damage.

Mangle (Shark) - Mangle the target for 140% normal damage plus 142 and causes the target to take 30% additional damage from bleed effects for 12 sec.

Jagged Bite - Serrated shark bite with damage plus greater bleed effect.

Feed - Activate to regenerate 7% of total health every 2 sec. by consuming Humanoid or Marine-life corpses within 5 yds - lasts 10 sec - 2 min cooldown (yay stealing racial abilities!)

And finally, the ultimate shark ability...
Jaws Attack - Shark disappears and all enemies abilities (up to 5 in a 30 yd radius) and spells receive an increase of 1 second to cast until the music finishes and the shark appears behind the select target for a devastating blow (30 minute cooldown) Booyah! Even better... the potentially doomed target will receive a special item right before the final blow at the music's crescendo... This item too is already in the game... Message log: "You have received the dreaded item" BAM! You die. (BTW - a must have Lucky Item that should be in EVERY guild bank. 'Cuz I say so.)

An underwater area would be great! Maybe there's a faction of less-violent Naga or Murlocs that'll give quests and help you out!

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Softi said...

LOL I love it! great ideas... now if only Blizz would implement them ;)

Tigersoul said...

Thanks! There are actually other forms I'd like more than Shark-form... but not many other water-forms... :D