Friday, February 1, 2008

Patch 2.4 - Great News for PvP fans!

Wow a whole SLEW of info has shown up about the new patch (which still has no official release date) and wow there's some great ones! Others have blogged about it and you can find more info on MMO-Champion and all over the place at WoW Insider.

Some of the more exciting points are:

  • Druid Lacerate generates more damage based on your attack power - Yay! I like lacerate, and now I'll like it even more!
  • Characters don't have to relearn spells and skills from trainers after respeccing. Now I'm not a huge respeccing fan (I'm too stubborn!) but this is a really cool thing IMO.
  • Warlocks can now summon INTO instances, which will make replacements a LOT easier (If you meet the instance reqs and have a lock in the party that is!)
  • Splitting Void shards into Large Prismatics - It's expensive for those Large Prismatics right now!
  • and more! *see the MMO-Champion link above*
PVP Changes

It was with the most excitement that I read this news though: Diminishing Honor Returns will be removed in the next patch! That is SO amazingly awesome. Even more exciting than that news for me personally, is the following "blue" Quote from the bottom of this post :

"What the removal of diminishing returns means for you is that as soon as you defeat an opponent that rewards you honor, you will receive that honor, and you will be able to spend it right then. There will no longer be an estimate, and you will no longer need to wait until the next day until you can actually spend it. Your achievements through honor-based PvP will be instantaneous."

YAY! No more waiting until the next day to HOPEFULLY get that new piece of PvP gear. This was horrible. The other day I had gained an estimated 1800 honor through BGs (including the daily 400 honor reward), which put me at about 900 honor more than I needed for my new Vindicator's Boots. Log in the next day and WHAT?!?! I had lost over 1000 honor due to these "Diminishing Returns". So I had to grind some more and wait until the next day.

I am definitely very excited about this!

I wonder if Diminishing returns are being continued for regular world PvP... Might be a good idea to continue it to prevent ridiculous Corpse camping and griefing... but we'll just have to see won't we?

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