Monday, February 4, 2008

A Couple New Baby Druids and More

So reading wonderful blogs like Resto4Life and The Dread Mana Turkey have made me think,want to explore the other Druid Specs; Restoration and Balance.

Tigersoul has a TINY bit of experience with Resto because frankly, he couldn't live without Omen of Clarity!! He also recently changed to a more Feral-friendly Naturalist in the Rest-tree from a long time in Nature's focus (um, I still don't know how that happened, but that no spell interrupt boost is actually nice!) He has no experience with Balance other than partying with one a few times. (Moonkin dance is nice, but I luvs me sum dancin' bear!)

However, Tigersoul is very stubborn. He has a hard enough time turning into a Bear because he's a TIGER for cryin out loud! So there is No Way he is going to respec balance or resto. He's very adamant about this, even though it might make him more viable for PvP or Guild instance activities.

So I'd like to introduce 2 brand new additions to my "Alt Army." Going off the name I already have for my feral drood - I decided to make a nice little happy druid family. I'll probably make them their very own guild (which is something I originally considered naming my current guild "Angels of Wrath" initially) called the "Druid Army!" Yah!

Treesoul - A Tree? With Soul? Must be Resto! Treesoul is a pretty elf who we are happy to have added to the family. She's sad that she can't turn into a tree for a long time, but she's not too sad about that because she has a LOT of patience. Because of her brothers she HAS to be patient otherwise she'd probably throw them both in some roots and sink 'em into the bay just below the Ruth'eran Flight Master! She loves flowers and potions, so you can easily tell what her professions are going to be.

Moonsoul - Yeah... he's very grumpy and EXTREMELY impatient! He wants to turn into an alien turkey and spam moonfire and wrath NOW! So you can bet that he'll be spamming it anyway as he rushes through Teldrassil and Darkshore trying to catch up to his hero and big brother Tigersoul - although he'll be doing it in his own crazy way.

I'll try to chronicle the advancement of both of these crazies as they grind through 70 levels. Right now both are lvl 1 and haven't seen ANY action at all. I am going to try leveling both of these Druids as much in their respective specs as possible - No Feral levelling for them! Should be interesting!

Next time I'll introduce you to the rest of the "Family" - the non druid ones! I'll also be updating Tigersoul's goals and accomplishments, along with the 2nd part of the Ahn'Qiraj Saga of Tiger's Travels.

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