Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Druid Army Fun

I leveled Treesoul to level 6 yesterday while watching "Pride and Prejudice" with my wife. (Very girly show... but quite silly and I actually did enjoy watching it so I couldn't do dailies, but I COULD do low level Night Elf Quests!).

When I got to level 5 I had a whispered conversation with a random person that went something like this:

Random Nelf - "Hey can I join your guild?"

Treesoul - "Are you a druid?"

RN - "no I'm a hunter"

Treesoul - "If you are a hunter why would you want to be a part of the Druid Army?"

RN - "Oh, um, nevermind then"

Really there isn't much point in other people joining this silly little guild. At least in its current status with nobody in it but my 2 Druid alts and a few guildies never-played Druid alts...

BUT - was I being rude? I thought it was kind of funny, but on reflection maybe I was being rude.

What do YOU think?


Softi said...

you've madea guild called druid army? Nice one! If you're on the eu realms maybe I can come stalk ya... I mean, join you :P

Maerdred said...

I personally believe that you were being Prideful and Prejudiced against non-druids.

Well played!

see what I did there?

Tigersoul said...

@ Softi:
Sorry - not in the EU Realms - but if I was I'd be glad to have you join!

@ Maerdred:
:D Must have been influenced by Mr Darcy and Lizzy..