Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gear To The Rescue!!

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

Go shopping of course!!

So Tigersoul has been in a bit of a rut - but started to come out of it a bit when the strongest members of the guild decided it was time to get attuned. A little late sure, but it has gotten us running instances which is a very good thing. My guildmates aren't the best players in the world - but we just GET each other, and we work very well together. Group quests and instances fall before our might! Arena teams quake... although mostly that's just laughter... but anyway.

I had 1311 Arena points and for some reason I didn't think it was enough to get anything I wanted. I may have been saving up for later as well, but in the end - I decided I needed to spend ALL but 7 of those points and pick up the Merciless Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders, which I've always thought looked very cool, and have some very nice stats on them. Currently they replace the shoulders in both my tanking and DPS slots. DPS/PVP set is now at just over 250 resilience. Not bad. We'll see how it works out in Arenas this week.

So I logged into WoW today, got to the character select screen and admired my new Shoulders when I noticed something. WAaa-hay-hay-hayyyy-t a minute...?!?! Are those FLOWERS that occasionally bloom on my shoulders?! Holy moly way to ruin a really cool look, lol.

I was talking to my friend Helstrike about it - she has the same shoulders, but the resto version - and we think that each spec needs a different animation. Flowers popping out is GREAT for a Resto Druid. But a Feral or Balance druid?? Come on! I'm tough! MANLY! RAWR!! Give me some CLAWS or SPIKES or SNAKES or something. And my Boomkin friends need little explosions or lightning popping out of those babies! Yeah, THAT's the ticket!

Anyway - helping my guildies (and myself) get closer to Kara, my new shoulders, and non-PUG instances have basically gotten Tiger out of his rut. I think it also helps that Katryona is in need of some Rested XP.

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Ethlite said...

Blizzard has been pretty lazy about artwork and graphics in general for quite some time now.

They haven't bothered with a different model for Dire Bear form. Visually I am identical to a lvl 10 druid in bear form. If they can update epic flight form, I don't see why they can't do the same for dire bear.

When they do spend the time on something, like the S3 gear, the result is blegh. I'd much rather take the S2, despite the slightly lower stats, because I don't want to look like I am wearing dead birds.

(-- rant --)
It seems to me that, despite the overwhelming success of WoW, they are focusing their effort mostly on top raid content. Which myself and approximately 95% of the players will never see. I don't know anyone with a real job and real life responsibility and still be able to dedicate 4-8 hours an evening on a regular basis.

Pvp is about the only way that I can progress my character at this stage, and that's sad because BG grind is repetitive and I miss out on the lore. If I have to hear one more raiders QQing about "welfare epics" I am going to punch them in the face...
(-- rant --)