Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Girl and the Sunwell

We had a baby girl on Easter which is why nothing has happened here. Longest break from WoW I've had in a while too, and it was quite nice. She's a gorgeous dark haired little beauty.

We returned home with our new little baby Tuesday afternoon - so I didn't have to wait for the maintenance to be completed. I logged in, installed the patch, and got a quest to go speak with somebody on a boat at the Sunwell offensive. I must say I like the changes to Shattrath. It is definitely a more interesting place now - and I like the Sunwell Tabard! Hopefully I'll be able to get one.

The biggest thing I learned from my first excursion on the Isle was that our server has a ridiculously wide gap in the numbers of alliance players versus the number of horde players. Alliance-side Dragonmaw tops our Battlegroup in Arenas, and our top raiding guilds are quite a bit further than the Horde counterparts. But when there are 40 lvl 70 Horde running around an area where there are 10 lvl 70 Alliance... you will be ganked.

I was able to see some of Magister's Terrace - and I barely made it into the instance because of the mass of horde hanging around the summoning stone.

So. So far I think what I've seen is very cool (although nothing that new if you've played through the Blood Elf starting zones!) - but it's a somewhat small area for the number of lvl 70s running through!


Softi said...

ok first off... CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your new lil girl, I hope she and her mummy are both recovering well from the birth :)

As for the new area, I haven't really had much of a look as I just can't seem to wake up today and just couldn't be bothered once the patch *finally* downloaded (EU realms so we get the patch a day later). What I have seen of it looks really cool, although I think I'll be waiting a week or so before I have a proper look so it's not completely overrun with 70s ;)

Tigersoul said...

Thanks! We are quite excited and she is being SO much nicer than our other two.

I'm waiting for a bit until I spend much time there too. Although I kind of want to be part of opening stuff up...