Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flu Season?!?

Yeah my family has been wiped out for almost a week by the worst sicknesses we've seen in a long time.

No fun.

Even worse - my wife is over 38 weeks pregnant... so we could be having this baby ANYTIME!! (the only reason that is "worse" is because of the sickness - we are excited for this baby)

I did play a lot, so I'll hopefully have plenty to write about before I am gone again for the baby. We have 2 boys now, so we're excited to be (possibly) finishing with a girl!

I'm looking forward to the new patch content because Tigersoul is bored with doing the same things over and over again. A rant on other annoyances forthcoming. :)


Anonymous said...

Ugggh. Good luck with all that!

And I hope you enjoy both the new family content as well as the game content. :)

Softi said...

aww good luck with it all! Really hope you don't have a stubborn baby who doesn't want to show him/herself!

Tigersoul said...

I'm a little worried cuz I'm so used to boys...

We're not sure how we're going to handle a Girl!

It's like throwing in all SORTS of new content to learn. o,O