Friday, March 7, 2008

Back To The Roots

What was your first character? Not the one you started on your friends account to check out the game and you got to level 5 before deciding you wanted to get this game for yourself. No and not the one you started when you got the game thinking you really wanted to be a Paladin because they get swords, plate armor AND healing (woot!) but got tired of at level 13 and a half. I mean the first REAL MAIN character that you played and loved - proudly newbying your way around Azeroth enjoying the views.

My first main was Bullfist, an Enhancement Tauren Shaman on the US Thrall PvE server. I started on that server because a coworker (who was actually my supervisor at that time) had recently started WoW on that server. Before WoW I played Final Fantasy XI and had to quit twice. That game was a lot of fun, and I have some good memories from it. Enough time had passed that I was wanting to play a MMORPG, so I convinced my wife to let me try WoW and I've enjoyed it since.

Last night I logged onto Tigersoul and tried to do some Dailies to make some cash. After being ganged up on by roving gangs of Horde (never can take me one on one the wimps) I got really tired of it. It seems lately that I really only enjoy playing Tiger when I'm helping a guildie or grouping with my guild - like when we did Ramps and Old Hillsbrad. So I decided to play Soulfist, my Draino Shaman for a while, and thought about Bullfist.

It's been a LONG time since I logged into Bullfist. I logged in, looked at my talents and thought to myself "HOLY COW! Zero points in any tree??" and fixed that putting everything into Enhancement. I guess some major changes were made to the Shaman Talents a few patches back (It's been since April of last year that I really played this char) so mine had been wiped clean. Right after finishing that (taking Dual-Wield and Advanced Dual-Wield only to realize I only had one 1-handed weapon on me, DOH) a blood elf rode up to me and said "I'll give you 10g if you help me with a quest." "What quest?" "The Mind's Eye"

"Oh sure I'll help with that, it's easy since the ogres aren't elite anymore" So a Belf Hunter and Cow Shammy ride off to the Ogres cave and take care of business. Wow I am rusty. It seems that Tauren move a bit slower than other races, or seem to. Anyway, I run out of mana REAL fast, and with only 1 weapon don't hit hard enough, but it was still easy. The blood elf had earlier given me the 10g, but really, as I don't plan on playing this char too much, after we finished, I opened a trade with him and gave him 30g, told him why, and he said "Wow, I went from broke (I guess that 10g to finish this quest with him was all he had) to rich thanks a lot!" and went on to say that he was glad to see not all WoW players are a bunch of jerks. New player - maybe now he'll stick around for a while.

Oh... I also found out that my old guild fell apart sometime ago and as the highest ranking officer - I ended up Guild Master. So now I have leadership of 3 Guilds... HA!

Finally, I would like to thank Mini Snickers and Twix for pulling me out of my lack-of-sleep-induced coma enough that my coworkers made me go home and rest to recover. If there is anything coherent or useful here... it's their fault entirely.

I specialize in incoherent uselessness. Sugar is the elixir of life. I missed my Mt. Dew this morning and I haven't recovered from that yet. Being sick stinks. Oh well it was nice to get off work early.

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