Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Do I Enjoy Playing Feral Druid?

First off, I want to say that Blog Azeroth is an amazing resource for WoW Bloggers, and I may say Bloggers in general. To be honest... I signed up for an account there before I had even set up this WoW blog!! So if you blog, go sign up and check it out! It's amazing!

Siha of the Banana Shoulders made a "Shared Topic Challenge" to answer the following:

"Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?"

So why do I enjoy the Feral Druid class?

Big Cats are amazing powerful beasts. Very cool. I like them. Especially tigers. Hence the name.

Initially Tigersoul was a Hunter, because he could tame one of those cute little tigers in Darnassus, but then I thought to myself, "Why TAME a tiger when you can BE one!" So I typed DELETE in that little box and started over. After playing the character for almost a year, spending a lot more time exploring than leveling, I discovered more and more reasons to LOVE playing a Druid. The number one reason is the forms. Talk about (almost)ultimate survivability! Especially once I got it through my thick fur-covered skull that the Bear was my friend and not just slow and dumb! If I don't kill it fast enough as the dark kitty, I can change into a big bad bear (oh how I LOVE insta-shift from recent patches!!) and Tank the snot out of those mobs until they die of exhaustion, OR if my shift into Night Elf while casting Barkskin and healing like crazy isn't enough, I can turn into a cheetah to the point where I leave combat and fly into the sky in a flurry of dark feathers! Too much fun! I like the "Hybrid" classes to be able to do a bit of everything - but the cat, bear, travel, aquatic and flight forms are what make it SO enjoyable for me.

So that is the simple version of why I like Druids.

I do however, wish that feral druids were a bit more viable in the Arenas... Somehow even though when in World PVP or BGs I kick butt - in the Arenas I'm often at the bottom. :(

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