Sunday, January 27, 2008


Now that I have Artisan Flight and can zip around on my Silver Riding Nether Ray, I made my way down into Shadowmoon Valley to the Dragonmaw area to do the Netherwing Dailies. I have a feeling this is going to take me quite a long time to get my rep high enough for a Dragon...

But in the end, I will be MORE than pleased with Swift Flight Form! I'm on the final leg of the quest, the hardest part, killing Anzu the Raven God. LONG quest up to this one. I was fortunate to have Chalen my mage friend with me which made killing the bird spirits a lot faster. I definitely wouldn't have been able to handle that last bird - and he was happy to see 7k crits against him!

New Goals:
- Swift Flight Form - Finish the final quest. Finding a group will be quite fun I'm sure.
- Kara Attunement - Even though we are not a raiding guild, I want to get this done.
- Consortium Rep - I want Haramad's Bargain sooner than later for DPS gear.
- Cenarion Expedition Rep - I lust after the Earthwarden.
- Silverthorne to 40 - That guy needs a horse - and the ability to level up Enchanting more (although I need to get him to 55 or so to be a really useful enchanter I guess!)

And I also want to improve my blog by adding all the amazing blogs I've been reading to my blogroll and allow the wowhead tooltips to show up here on blogspot. One step at a time I guess!

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