Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy Cow!

Actually, Tauren can't be Paladins or Priests... is that even possible? Had I said "Holey Cow" then that is definitely possible, I know because I put a bunch of holes in plenty of them last night in AB! (Daily BG - otherwise I don't go in there unless I have to anymore!)

Anyway, the reason for bringing to mind such a saintly bovine term is because Phaelia over at Resto4Life has actually included Tigersoul's Teeth on her "Blogroll Possibilities" list! Woohoo! Thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade from the "Possibilities" list to actually on the blogroll. I'm not holding my breath right now because there is still so much room for me to grow until I'm worthy of that honor.

It really is true that Druids must have a rabbit form, with all these blogs popping up like mad. I must warn you however, that there are even more druids than that - so be careful what you say in front of wildlife. Bugs, Trees, birds, housepets - even some of the more advanced tree-types can even turn into processed woods, like your desk! Or your door! So - be aware. Big Bear is watching...

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