Friday, January 25, 2008

A Feral Druid on Dragonmaw with lots of Cousins

Greetings World! (of Warcraft)

With so many excellent World of Warcraft blogs out there (especially Druid blogs wow! I mean WoW!!) I'm surprised that I am actually starting this blog this late in the game. But I need to write - basically make myself write - and like many, why not write about something that I enjoy like World of Warcraft?

I started playing about a year ago on a PvE server (Thrall - Tauren Shaman: Bullfist) and levelled up to lvl 43 (yeah haven't played him in a LONG time). A friend in my Guild there convinced me to reroll on a PvP server, and that's how we ended up on Dragonmaw in April of 2007.

I didn't think I'd like PvP because I'm really a nice person, and "Ganking" bothers me... But it sucked me in and now there is no way I can go back. Revenge is pointless in real life - it really doesn't do much good for anybody... but Boy, OH BOY, is revenge SWEET in World of Warcraft! Maybe this game ISN'T that good for me...

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