Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eye of the Storm

I very much dislike the Eye of the Storm Battleground.

Yes I already ranted about this. I am in one as I write this trying to get enough marks for my first weapon.

Really though, it CAN be fun... but that is usually only when you are winning. Like I JUST did wow that was great we 4-capped! Funny to be writing about how much I hate this BG I go ahead and join a gropu that wastes the other team. Sweet!

There is a decent strategy posted at WoWWiki that, if followed, can win you all the EotS' you need!

If you can help take (and of course defend) 3 bases you can win! Yay!


Noobiewan said...

Out of all of the BG's EftS ranks 2nd after AV, then 3rd is WSG and last is AB. I hate AB :(
I don't like to do battlegrounds, I lose alot in them.

Softi said...

I actually kinda like EOTS, then AB, then AV/WSG are kind of on a par.

Mind you, I'm not much of a pvp'er in general - it frustrates me too much! lol

Tigersoul said...

The first time I did a BG was SO exciting. It was crazy. I was hooked. WSG I hated and AB I loved at the low levels, now I still look at AB with nostalgia and WSG is fun when you can decently run the flag. EotS is just too chaotic and the time spent to honor gained is just not worth it.