Monday, May 5, 2008

Easy... Almost TOO Easy...

As I've been playing my rogue, creeping ever so slowly to 70 (Dinged 69 this weekend yay!) I've been noticing a few things about questing, farming, and grinding in the World of Warcraft. Playing my level 35 Priest (shadow spec right now) is further cementing my thoughts on this as well.

Basically it all seems a heck of a lot EASIER than it was about 6 months ago when I was in a similar place with Tigersoul.

Tigersoul is my strongest character, one of the reasons he is my "Main Character".

Feral Druid if you were unaware... I kill very fast, I tank fairly well, soloing is a breeze and deaths are far and few between. But when I was questing in Netherstorm (where Katryona the rogue has been questing) at the same level as Kat - even as an early 70 - I died. A lot. Then flash back even further to questing in STV at 35, like Silverthorne my priest. I died. A LOT.

So here's my question. Has the game been made "Easier" in preparation for the new expansion? OR, have I just become a much better player. I think it is a bit of both, but unfortunately - probably more game changes than my own personal improvement.

It HAS been fun to get through areas faster with less deaths (not counting Horde gankings which are RIDICULOUSLY more common now than when Tiger was in the same spots... so I guess the actual death count is about the same. Probably not my rogue though... Subtlety spec is actually quite hard to kill - lots of avoidance and escape possibilities!), but is the game less of a game now with the "nerfing" of questing content?

I think I can appreciate how tough and strong I am now, since I went through a much tougher game a year ago. I sincerely hope that at least SOME of this toughness is because I've improved as a player...


Softi said...

A lot of things have been nerfed since release - it's always the case! I could spout out the "back in the day when all druids wereviable for was healing" spiel but I will refrain ;)

Tigersoul said...

So are you saying I HAVEN'T improved?!?