Saturday, May 3, 2008

BRK and Ratshag's Running of Da Bulls!

Fer Sharvan!!

Today was the Running of da Bulls on the Cenarion Circle RP server. The locals were quite confused. I REALLY wish I had been able to see what the alliance in Ironforge were saying... My very first character in WoW was a Tauren... so they have a special place in my heart.

"Tigersoubull" was my entrant into the race. But he died too much and did not win. I have NO idea how the winner made it there so fast! (I was almost to Hillsbrad)

I was lucky enough to see a few of the bloggers (Ratshag, BRK, Bellwether) Thanks for the fun!

And I got a purple shirt!!!

Here are LOTS of screenshots:

Just over 2 hours before the race:

BRK does it Disco-style in front of all his groupies (looks like Tigersoubull fainted)

Look at that fine piece of beef!!

Shut up and get to the starting line!!

Wow look it's Ratshag there... Orcs are kind of small!

How many bloggers can YOU find in this picture? (I think I can see five...)

Hey look! I'm running by Bellwether of 4Haelz! She has a great blog!

She also witnessed my first death of the race...

The official race is done - the Herd heads for Wetlands en route to Ironforge!

That is a LOT of Bulls. I wonder if this is a record?

Those mean dwarves picked off a few of the weak.

Good thing we have thick skins in this cold!

Storm the gates of Ironforge!!

Swarm the halls!

There were lots of ghosts present too...

The number of guards that spawned was ridiculous.

I'm sure the alliance will have nightmares caused by their cruelty.

Unfortunately shortly after spawning in Elwynn (I finally made it into the tram only to be killed by some heartless hunter who probably doesn't even like steak) I had to leave... so I missed out on the hogger fight. :(

It was a lot of fun and I thank those responsible for setting all of this up!

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