Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Fries are done!

I mean...

Congratulations to my SECOND level 70 Character Katryona!!

(She was quite tired when this picture was taken...BEFORE70)

She also has a nice shiny new helicopter. Okay... so it really isn't shiny and it smokes a lot. But it cost me less than the 100g Gryphon!

Next goal: Pickpocket every mob in the Outlands to find Spinesever or the Night Blade from a Strong Junkbox. That would be wonderful.

(Real goal: On a PVP server... gotta get some PVP gear upgrades!)

**Any rogue suggestions are appreciated**
***I really like subtlety and might farm then waste honor on THESE BABIES unless I am convinced otherwise!***


Softi said...

Gratzzz!! :D

Been meaning to ask ya.. how's the little one doing? Sleepless nights or angel baby?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gratz!

The idea of a 2nd 70 seems like a very long way awya for me.

Tigersoul said...

@softi - Thanks a lot! ANGEL baby for the most part... other than the past few nights where she's had a slight cold. :(

@leafshine - Thanks! It was fun, even though it did seem easier this time around (and literally at 11 days took half the time)