Monday, April 7, 2008

Tigersoul's Addons

In my quest to figure out what was causing my freeze, I went through a lot of my mods and deleted, changed, reinstalled, and dug around. While doing so I thought I'd talk about my addons.

I ended up removing PitBull and am now using CT_Unit Frames from CTMod instead. I really miss the enemy castbar. Anybody know of any good low-resource mods that indicate what the enemy is casting?
I liked Pitbull, but CTMod is a bit simpler to use for now. Simple is good.

Here's a list of Mods I use and like:
Ace - Since I started using this I LOVE it. Especially the WoWAceupdater!!
AllPlayed - Fun tool for Altoholics and Moneytrackers
AtlasLoot - It's nice to see what rewards are available in instances, from reputation, and pvp
AutoProfitX - Not sure if it's even supported anymore - and there are other options - sells junk.
Cartographer - Too much good to say about this one. It rocks.
FuBar - FuBar is Fun! Just a fun little thing that'll display COUNTLESS little doodads (NO not THAT Doodad!) (Hee hee hee!) to play with or just get info from.
Omen - It's Omen! I just need my guildies to get it so I can Tank more effectively.
Parrot - The Ace description is the best. "Floating Combat Text of awesomeness. Caw. It'll eat your crackers." With the 2.4 combat log update, I'm still trying to get it back to its previous level of awesomeness.
ProfessionsBook - I love professions. I love alts. This helps me see what recipes/patterns/etc in my AH browsing can be learned by my alts, or if they are too low or already know it. It also lets me browse through and link their patterns when not on that char. Very handy.
SimpleMinimap - Allows scaling and mini map placement so your map is where you want it to be.
TankPoints - Helps you determine what gear might be better for tanking. You should still use your brain. Only evaluates gear.
Auctioneer - I love Auctioneer. It's too much fun. That's all I'll say or this post will go on forever. I would love it even more if it were Ace compatible... Only problem is that it can really eat your system resources when you scan a lot.
CTMod - My first mod ever, and it's been hard to get away from. Haven't used the raid interface much yet, but I really like the bar placement and import abilities. Usually it gets my other mod info as well, so it makes setup for alts QUITE nice. There are many many other functions I haven't looked into yet... and with my lazy "Simple is good" attitude, it'll be a while before I look into them!
Deadly Boss Mods - Haven't used the raid functions yet - but the BG helps are awesome.. although I'm still half-heartedly trying to figure out how to move the dang AV timers from the CENTER of the screen. Why do I have to be so lazy?? =p
ItemRack - It has been 6 months since the last update. Still - this mod is awesome. Easy to use, easy to set up, and awesome. I tried some of the others, but this one got me hooked. We'll see if I try another again later.


Softi said...

nice list! I've just downloaded the Professions book to give it a try :)

Gretadelle said...

Thanks for the post. I'm always curious about what add-ons people enjoy.