Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kael'Thas and Friends

I finally finished the Sunwell quest to get Kael'thas' head.

There are some MEAN pulls in there! It is VERY easy to wipe without a good team setup. And this, my friends, is why quite often you will see requests for "LFM Magister CC preferably 2 mages" Keep two mobs Baa-ing away and it makes it a lot easier. Add in a rogue or Hunter if you can't find a mage and you should be good!

A Hunter in my guild REALLY wanted to get the Hauberk of the War Bringer chest that drops off Kael, and she's been trying for days. Most of the time I log on and she's in there again hoping to GET to Kael and down him so he will drop this for her. Over and over and over. That's dedication for ya!

It's amazing how many groups this instance can kill. We made it through the very first little bit with more than one death... because of a rogue. Seriously it is amazing what one bad member can do in these instances. The guy comes in with no flash powder and no bandages, and says he's a real good rogue, but this isn't his account, he's playing a friends. And boy oh boy he was NOT good.

Anyway. We kicked him out and got another Rogue and we went very smoothly all the way up to the Priestess when the Rogue DC'd and the mage had to leave. The Pally Healer decided she needed to leave as well, so my hunter was sad. Then she was mad and wouldn't let me leave, and proceeded to grab another pally healer, a warlock, and a rogue. We breezed through the 5 man PvP fight (kind of fun!).

We then downed Kael pretty easily, losing only the rogue. Sunrage Treads dropped, so my friend wasn't happy that she wouldn't get the chest - but she got them anyway because they were actually an upgrade from what she had! So epic boots for her!

I checked out her armory earlier today and noticed she got the drop. Good for her!

Determination. It can get you what you want! So keep at it.


SuraBear said...

You forgot a crowd control class in your exposition. In fact, you forgot the class which, if need be, can CC three mobs at once (assuming a very skilled player): The warlock.

Banish, Seduce, and Fear are all viable forms of CC in there if the warlock knows what they're doing. Banish makes the Succubi a non-issue. Seduce can keep a mob locked down tight (But make sure the Mage Guards are CC'd or killed off first, that gliave throw will interrupt seduce and run the succubus out of mana or kill her outright. Oh, and dont bother trying to seduce magisters, they're immune). Fear is usually held as a last-resort CC (for when the succubus goes OOM or OOHealth), but a skilled warlock fear-kiting can be just as reliable as a mage.

Added bonus: Warlocks can lock down two mobs during the Princess Delrissa encounter most of the time (Barring occasions whe you get neither the hunter nor the engineer) by keeping one feared (clear the whole room around them first) and another banished.

Added added bonus: Warlocks can solo Kael'thas should the rest of the team go down past 50%. Drain life DPS FTW, that goes double for affliction warlocks.

Tigersoul said...

You are entirely right!

We actually had a lock in our ultimately successful run, which was, as you said, VERY beneficial in the Priestess fight.

Thanks for the comment - and I also very much appreciate your blog - as I appreciate Theorycrafting - but would rather have somebody else do it! So thanks!